Sunnybrook 2005
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Sunnybrook Masters Cross Country 2005

The Lakeshore Runners, a running group from Cobourg, Port Hope, and surrounding area, were well represented at last weekend’s Ontario Masters Provincial Cross Country Running Championships. Despite blustering winds and wet conditions, 13 men and women from the area were among the 142 competitors aged 30-80 who raced in Sunnybrook Park in Toronto on Sunday afternoon.

On the men’s side, Port Hope’s Terry Crain was the top local finisher. Crain completed the 8km looped course in 31:17, placing 5th in the 35-39 age category and 31st overall. Andrew Harvey, Brian Waite, and Rod Simpson finished 10th, 11th, and 12th in the same age category, with times of 35:07, 36:02, and 36:15 respectively. Glen Fitchett also finished 5th in his age group (50-55) in a time of 32:54, followed by Brian Brown (8th, 35:57), and Gord Hunter (9th, 36:40). Billy Weir finished 8th in the 55-59 category in a time of 35:20, and Dave Poley finished 18th in the 45-49 category with a time of 34:51.

On the women’s side, Cobourg’s Jessica Fraser-Thomas finished 5th in the 30-34 age category (9th overall), in a time of 34:04. Anita Macklin and Kim Nimmo finished 4th and 5th in the 35-39 age category, with times of 41:40 and 41:53 respectively. Clarey Ellis-Stetch finished 8th in the 40-44 category in a time of 40:55.

- Jessica Fraser

A happy crew of runners post race.

Dave hitting the top of hill "Bob" and loving it!

Andrew making hill "Bob" look easy.

You can run like this too. Look for the Andrew Harvey training manual soon.

Billy inspiring us all.

Andrew in the thick of things.


Brian 2 running down another runner. Way to go!

Brian 2 looking strong.

Brian and Rod playing cat and mouse.

Gord showing us how it is done.

Jessica in pursuit.


Both feet off the ground running - now that's good form.

Local runner going so fast she's a blur.

Terry chasing down a runner.

And a public service message below...

Poor running form can be hazardous to your race. Be careful out there and have FUN!

Cover Our Butts Statement:
As with any exercise program, you should consult your doctor before starting. The Lakeshore Runners group or individuals within the group do not take responsibility for an individual's actions should they choose to run. Use your head, it's not just for keeping a hat on!