Sunday, November 27
Despite the early winter (late autumn?) snowfall, 17 runners decided to tackle the trails from Centreton anyway. The soft, deep snow made the running a bit more challenging than usual, but we were able to tough it out and enjoy the winter wonderland scenery. It might be a good idea to use Monday as a recovery day, however.

Sunday, November 20
Twelve runners out today on the rail trail north of Peterborough. This run definitely lived up to its billing: Smooth, even, surface; excellent views and flat, flat, flat. We had some fun pushing the pace a couple of times just to see what we could do.

Unfortunately, we never did encounter any of the Peterborough runners, which is too bad since it is always an enjoyable reunion when we can go out together.

Annual Lakeshore Runners Dinner:
Was held this past Friday and was a popular success despite the unexpectedly tricky weather. The consensus is that we should repeat this format for next year’s gathering.

This year’s awards were handed out during the party: Brett Anderson and Carla Herron were co-winners of the Athletic Achievement Award for their feats at the Penticton Ironman in August; the award for Most Improved Athlete went to Brian Waite for his very impressive achievements this year, including first half-marathon, first full marathon, first triathlon (he did five in all), and biggest change in body shape. Congratulations go out to these three, and indeed to all our athletes, for an excellent year. Next year should be just as exciting!

Group name change:
Rod went above and beyond the call to help us determine whether we should change the group name and, if so, to what. The teaching aids and voting board he constructed and brought to the party on Friday made the whole process fun and visual. At the end of the evening the name “Northumberland Trailblazers” had far and away the most votes. One wise old veteran suggested that Ganaraska Trailblazers (which was not on the list) might be a solid alternative/compromise, since the name “Ganarascals” has been used for our Rice Lake Relay teams for many years (you young’uns may not know about that).

A final decision will be made soon. Feedback through the chat forum is welcome and encouraged.

Sunday November 13
Twelve runners were out from Bewdley this morning for a nice trail run into the Ganaraska Forest. There are a couple of challenging hills on the way back but we avoided the rain and the trail bikes until just near the end of the run. Gord even saw some kind of giant deer when he was scoping out new routes for us to take on future runs (I’m not sure if he saw the deer before or after he found the mushrooms). Brian did his best imitation of a stuntman earning a 8 out of 10 for his fall and tumble on the trail.

Sunday November 5
The results are of particular note are the fine performances of Jessica “Queen of X-country” Fraser-Thomas, with a fifth place finish in the women’s 30+ category (what could she have done with 9mm spikes??); Terry Crain, fifth in men’s 35+; and, Glenn Fitchett, fifth in men’s 50+.

For next year’s race training will involve running with sponges strapped to the bottom of our shoes.

Cobourg Y.
The regular group met at the Y and ran to Baltimore and back. A challenging 18+ kilometer run. Inexplicably, only three runners showed up for this training run. Did somebody say this was a rest day?? From all accounts these runners enjoyed the best weather conditions of the day.

New York Marathon
Way to go Ken! An amazing 154 out of 773 in gendar place. For full results visit

Sunday October 30
Racetrack Road. Nice out and back. What an awesome turn-out on an absolutely glorious autumn day. We had twenty runners in four or five pace groups (if you count Terry as one group). This is a record for us with just local runners (no visitors from Peterborough). The route was challenging without being crazy-hard, and there was even a bit of trail for Andrew, and the views were spectacular. I hope this attendance trend will continue with the Northumberland Running Squirrels (just testing out the name since Gord and Terry seemed to like it so much).

Sunday October 23:
Garden Hill. A "Dirty Dozen" out today on the tough Garden Hill trail route through the Ganaraska forest. We missed most of the rain, so at least we were reasonably dry.

Sunday October 16:
What a busy weekend! The Belair Zoo 10K was a huge success with somewhere around 1500 runners. Cobourg athletes were very well-represented (see the results link on our website).

The inaugural Warkworth 8-mile race was not quite so well-attended but was, nonetheless, a very good event that I highly recommend for next year. It is challenging and technical with something for everybody. Definitely not for the faint-of-heart.

There were also some impressive results at the Toronto Marathon and Half-marathon today. Of particular note, Terry Crain ran a PB in the half of 1:20:10, finishing 15th overall and third in his age category. Nice work, Terry. And, Jackie Waller also had an excellent race - in her second half-marathon in three weeks – handily beating her time at PEC. In the full marathon, John Doorleyers finished 70th overall in a very quick 3:07:02 (back on the bus for Boston, John).

Our training run this week was from Beagle Club Rd. – always a fan favourite. Twelve runners came out and we were able to split comfortably into three pace groups, coming together again about 2K from the finish of the run so we all finished together. A nice morning and the breeze was not a factor in the woods.

Sunday October 9 – Nine runners went out on our new Centreton route. A cool morning, but perfect running conditions. It was nice to see James again, back from Queen's for the weekend, and lookin' good in his Queen's x-country kit.

Monday October 10 – Sixteen runners out from the Bewdley culvert. What a great turn-out! Apparently this run went well as Gord led the group on some new trails and got everyone back to their cars without incident. Welcome to the Peterborough runners who came south.

Diana and Those Guys: Playing at The Mill in Cobourg this Friday (Oct 14th) from 7-11PM. Be there or be one of the uncool. If you showed up you were feeling cool or the cold shoulder since the band was there the night before.

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