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Sunday, July 23rd
We had eight runners on Sunday. Three started at 7:00AM and ended up with just over eighteen miles. We did about eleven miles as a group. As usual the lakeshore route was very nice and the group pretty much stayed together. The Brians shook off their triathlon and set the pace for a lot of the run (with a little help from Billy). The weather made the run a lot more comfortable than the previous week.

Sunday, July 16th
Eight runners headed out from the Winchester Inn…A group of four started early at 7:30 and another four started at 8:00. Unfortunately the two groups ran completely different routes due to a bit of miscommunication and never met up.

Sunday, July 9th
A small group out today at Centreton. Gord had a special guest runner Hannah; Jessica's little sister (they look a lot alike), Shawn and myself. Gord scared us all by saying he wanted to try a new route. Back tracked a little and ended up at Pinnacle Camp Grounds. We went a little short today stopping just past the hour mark.

Sunday, July 2nd
Dave and I put in a nice 30 minutes before the rest of the gang arrived. The Brians were nice enough to ride out to meet us, run and then continue their ride. These guys are animals! Gord and Andrew rounded out the crew for a challenging out and back. Garden Hill is no Hickerson, but a close second.

Sunday, June 25th
I small but loyal group out this week. Only three runners this morning (but what a great morning to run the forest). Mark and Dave went out at 7:30 and met Gord at 8:00 to do the regular route. Andrew and I went out at 4 to pound the pavement around Cobourg. Warm but nice.

Sunday, June 18th
A fantastic day for a run. Nine runners out at Cornish Hollow. One lone runner took it upon himself to run an hour earlier than the pack. Daylight Savings Time could not be used as an excuse this time. The rest of the gang headed out for a run that saw the group divide up and go a few different routes throughout the run. We mostly finished all together. There may still be someone out there running though.

Sunday, June 11th
A cool but sunny day meant great running conditions. Ten runners out with representation from Peterborough from Dave McConkey. That's two runs in a row for Dave. We are going to miss him if he doesn't show up next week. The run today hit the Bewdley trails and had two pace groups going. As usual, good conversations was available and a Fall marathon was discussed with no specifics settled on. Look at the CHAT section for further discussion of a Fall Marathon.

Sunday, June 4th
Well the rain finally stopped and despite threatening skies, four runners headed up to the rail trail north of Peterborough. Unfortunately, because of all the various running events happening this turned out to be one of the smallest groups we have had in quite a while. Nonetheless, the sun was out once we got to Fowler’s Corners and it was a terrific 80 minutes of straight, flat, and scenic running.

Sunday, May 28th
Nine runners out just north of Centreton for a short but hard run on mostly trail. An absolutely gorgeous summer-like morning.

Sunday May 21st
A bright but frigid morning had nine runners on the trails in the Ganaraska Forest. The group split up about half-way as some of the walking wounded and recovering marathoners decided to give the legs a break and take a shortcut.

Sunday May 14th
Well, that’s it then…another spring marathon under the belt and there are as many stories as there are local runners who participated. Check the chat forum for some excellent reports on the race. All in all, we equated ourselves very well. The full results can be found at

Photos available at the Gallery thanks to Mark and Billy.

Sunday May 7th
A good crowd out on a beautiful spring morning. Welcome Lisa and Jim. This was probably our last road run for a while. Back to the trails we go!

When you run in the country you never know what you might see. This week we had horses running with us at several different farms, newborn lambs on the hillside, and the unfortunate sight of a stillborn calf and its injured mother.

Sunday April 30th
A glorious day. Lots of runners out for this trek through the country back roads. We shared this fantastic morning with the many fishers that lined the creeks. Many runners were setting their own mileage for the day. It was nice to have Brian and Mark out post Boston to share their adventure. Dr. Mark was looking spiffy as he sported the latest in Boston wear. I'm not sure, but I think even Mark's underwear had a Boston logo on it.Sunday April 23
There was definitely no rain-rule this morning as thirteen runners headed out in several pace and distance groups along the lake south of Grafton. The longest distance had a small group turning around at the Colborne town limits.

Today represented the fifth anniversary of our little group of runners. True to form, our “founding father”, Gord Hunter, produced a post-run bottle of bubbly to help commemorate the occasion. Here’s to many more years of running and friendship.

Sunday, April 16th
The combination of Easter Sunday and the Boston Marathon left us with a slightly smaller group than usual, but still there were nine runners out on a bright but chilly morning. These in-between days - starting off cool and warming up mid-run - are always challenging when it comes to figuring out what to wear.

Sunday, April 9th
Eleven runners were out this morning with a wide variety of distances. The weather is turning nice. Come on warm weather!

Sunday, April 2nd
– A group of twelve runners met in beautiful downtown Grafton and spent a couple of hours running in Rick Merriam’s ‘hood. A relatively flat traffic-free course, almost no wind, great scenery, a lovely early spring morning, and good friends contributed to an awesome run. It was generally agreed that this is a route worth running again.

Sunday, March 26th
Two different runs happening today.

Camp 1 stayed close to home. Andrew provides a nice recount of the run:
We ran to Bickle Hill and back which was probably closer to 9.5 miles than 15. I ran a couple extra before 8 am and Brad did at least a couple extra as he split from us to continue over the top of Bickle Hill and beyond. Carla graced us with here presence, Gord ran with us for a while before his other calf told him to head back, Brian, Brett,and Sean rounded off the group. Oh, and Dave, of course, did some zero gravity running for what must have seemed like a hundred miles. Six laps of the pool maybe = 0.47 miles, however, more effort than we put out.

Congrats to the Northumberland contingent of runners at Around the Bay in Hamilton. Some very impressive times! See Around the Bay forum on the chat page for results.

Camp 2 got up nice and early and headed to Hamilton for the 112th running of Around the Bay. A fantastic day. Much debate went on as the morning progressed and things warmed up as to what to wear. In the end shorts won out for most. We had absolutely perfect running conditions. Terry found his place at the front and set a blistering pace. Literally a blistering pace as his blood blister can attest to (look for a nice gross close-up in the gallery). Brian headed out quick and kept it up for the full course. Meanwhile, Mark and I were out to repeat our Missisauga run last year. We went out too fast and commented on it several times before actually doing something about it. We then settled into a comfortable pace for the rest of the race. What is it they say about experience being a good teacher? The course was fair and a real mix of scenery. One hill worthy of our Sunday runs was put in near the end just because. Finishing inside Copps Coliseum was pretty cool. Running down the entrance ramp, into Copps and crossing the finishing arch at the centre of the arena as the announcer said your name felt great! The Northumberland Runners are stepping up in the world as we came to Around the Bay with a support team. A big thanks to Billy and Grant for their help.


63rd 1:59:46.2 CRAIN,TERRY

292nd 2:13:46.2 FITCHETT,GLEN

434th 2:19:31.7 WAITE,BRIAN

590th 2:24:56.7 SIMPSON,ROD

591st 2:24:57.5ESSAK,MARK

700th 2:27:43.8 SHOOTER,LEE

1608th 2:45:56.3 NIMMO, KIM

1980th 2:52:16.8 MACKLIN,ANITA

Full results can be found at

Sunday, March 19th
This Sunday's run started slowly with Andrew and myself leaving the Winchester Arms at 7:30 and climbing north. We met the Brians just over the highway as they ran from their homes and continued north on the slow climb that would make up the majority of the first half of the run. At Sylvan Glen, we met up with 5 other runners and continued north. As Brett mentioned several times, "This is a really hilly route." I even believe I heard Dave laughing from his hiding spot in the bushes as we did the monster climb at the hour and a half mark. The Sylvan Glen Five turned to head for home after a few more hills and the four remaining runners proceeded north a few more kilometres until we hit #9. A quick turn and back to the start. The second half was a little more forgiving with mostly down hills and the wind more or less at our back. After 3 hours and 12 minutes Andrew and I ended up back where we started. This was one heck of a long run. An afternoon nap was well earned. - we may have strayed from the planned route.

Sunday, March 12th
We had a warmish and wet day for our long run. The nine runners who came out prove once again that our "rain rule" is a very subjective rule indeed. I think the rain needs to be coming in at a ninety degree angle in Noah like proportions before the "rain rule" takes full effect. Even then, at least two runners would probably show up. The milder temperatures did have two runners showing a little more leg than usual - come on spring! The group was able to put in our 12 miles; 19.5 km to be exact. Thank you Louise and your GPS for the measurement.

Sunday, March 4th
Twelve runners were out this morning, with the marathon group getting a half-hour head start and adding a loop on the end. We're starting to get into some serious mileage now and this is where success in a long race is created.

The wind was still a bit chilly, but the bright sunshine made up for it and, as usual on the long runs, so did the conversation.

Sunday, February 26
The group was scattered across the county this weekend. Some of the gang made it up to the Peterborough Half Marathon on a sunny, but cold Sunday morning. Minnie DeJong, Brian Waite and Ken were some of our runners racing and the full results can be found at . Ken had a nice 17th place finish and Brian finished in a time of 1:39 - scaring Dave as he crossed the finish was a plus. Glen Fitchett (a familiar face about town) and Minnie DeJong both were third in their respective age categories. Lynn Stubbings ran in the 5K sprint.

Dave did his 1:40 bunny duties and escorted his group across the line at 1:39.23. Billy ran about 17 of the 21 kilometers, stopping here and there to cheer on the other runners. He even helped carry Dave's bunny sign for the last kilometer. Brain B. and Rod acted as guides to help Elizabeth from Achilles Club run a solid race.

As for the rest of the gang? It is a mystery as to what they were doing. Maybe someone can post a note to say how their runs went. It is always nice to know how our little running family is doing.

Sunday, February 19
A small but hardy bunch of nine runners out today. We were missing many familiar faces and hope to see the whole gang back together soon. It was nice to have Alex present to fill in for Dave. We also had a special guest appearance from James. I am reminded of a time not so long ago that a showing of nine runners was a big group. It now feels a little more intimate. The Brians decided to step it up and put in a half hour before the run and Mark shamed us all by running to the Y and then back home again.

The 16K run was very pleasant when the wind was at your back and you could bask in the sun. However, the wind in your face made for some chilly conditions. We altered the route slightly to include a short section along the boardwalk. Half way through the run we had the Northumberland Runner's own personal photographer pop out of his home and snap a shot of the group (thanks Grant). Overall, it was a nice step-back run once I got feeling returned to my cheeks.

Sunday, February 12
More than 15 runners out on this clear and bright day for a variety of distances. As planned, there was an early group, starting at 7:30AM and an 8:00AM group. There was even an uber-early group that went out at 7:00AM and ran for two and a half hours. The timing worked out perfectly and we were able to stay together for most of the run.

We got some great news from Jessica Fraser-Thomas who learned this week that she has received funding for two years of post-doctoral work; which means that she and Phil (and baby-X) will remain in Cobourg for at least that long. Congratulations Jess!

Sunday, February 5
Fourteen runners out from the Dale Rd. Variety store on a very blustery day. Perhaps some thought should be given to marketing the ice-pellet/high wind abrasion as a skin treatment. It definitely opens the pores!

Here was the link for the route:

Sunday, January 29
Seventeen runners out this week, including new faces and old – welcome Sean and welcome back Richard! There was a bit of a head-wind coming home, but Uncle Gord gave us all a lesson in drafting and race strategy, so at least some good came from the experience.

The unseasonably mild weather might be causing concern for gardeners, but it sure is nice for those of us who keep training all year round. Who ever thought you could run in shorts in January in southern Ontario??

Sunday, January 22
Fifteen runners were out this morning from the Cobourg YMCA. Our route took us east on Elgin and then out Danforth Rd. with total distances ranging from 8 or 9 miles to 11 miles. We've decided that this particular run would have to be classed a 3+ on the scale of difficulty. Welcome Louise!

Many of us met at the Best Western for a post-run breakfast (or was it a brunch?). It has been suggested that this is something we should do more frequently, but next time we will specify that we are there for breakfast and not brunch, so we get the lower cost. There was a bit of confusion because the restaurant transitions from a breakfast buffet to a brunch buffet between 10:00 and 10:30.

Sunday, January 15
A relatively small group (9) of hardy souls were out today from Sylvan Glen. The first half of the run, as we headed north, reminded us that January in Ontario is still winter. But the return trip south – downhill, with the wind at our backs and the bright sunshine in our faces - reminded us why we drag our creaky old bodies out of bed early every Sunday morning.

Other News

Jessica's Big News:
Congratulations to Jessica and Phil who are eagerly anticipating the birth of their first child in mid-July. Brett pointed out that this might be the best chance for you triathletes to beat Jessica in the Cobourg tri (although knowing Jess, I wouldn't count on it).

New Name:
The votes are in and counted and as of today our unofficial running group has a new name. Henceforth and forever more, we shall be known as the Northumberland Runners!

Sunday, January 8
Eleven runners were out this morning from the Baltimore arena for about 90 minutes on a fairly challenging route. A fresh snowfall and ice fog filling the valleys made for some spectacular vistas when we finally got to the top of the hills. Throw in a little bit of unassumed road/snowmobile trail and it was a perfect morning for a run and a perfect run for the morning.

Sunday, January 1
Many thanks to Mark and Linda Essak and family for hosting today's post-run gathering and pancake breakfast. What a super way to start the New Year. Fifteen runners showed up for a nice New Year's trot. Great to see all those who could make it.

The post run nosh was a treat. Hot pancakes, maple syrup, cappuccinos and conversation. You cannot ask for anything more. If Mark is not careful, he maybe catering all our runs. Thanks again Mark to you and your dedicated workers/ family for putting it all together.

Saturday December 24 – Annual Christmas Eve social run in Peterborough.
Don't know who, what and how much fun happened here.

Christmas Day
Don't know if anyone ran. I had a very quiet run in Hamilton.

From all of us to all of you, have a wonderful Christmas Day.

Sunday, December 18
Ten runners out today on a fine wintry morning. We did the Lakeshore Rd. route from The Winchester Arms in Port Hope. The road was still partially snow-covered and icy in spots (the guy in the pick-up who skidded into the ditch will attest to this) creating a tricky running surface, but everybody managed to stay on their feet.

Sunday, December 11
Another good crowd this morning, with sixteen runners meeting at the Dale Rd Variety Store for a nice 75 minute run through Cornish Hollow and out Racetrack Rd. Relatively mild temperatures and a light covering of snow, along with excellent conversation, contributed to making this last big group run before Christmas very pleasant indeed. There was even a rumoured sighting of that most elusive of creatures – a student during exam time (nice to see you again, James).

The exodus begins this week as people start to head out to fairer climes (or Nova Scotia) for the holidays. But they’ll all come back recharged and ready to start their training for 2006 all full of vim and vigour. (Or, in Billy’s case, Guinness and potatoes.)

Saturday, December 3
Reindeer Fun Run .
Many familiar faces were present at this supposedly non-competitive race. A very interesting route that contained a bit of everything. Wind, cold, beach, boardwalk, bright sun, more cold, etc.

Who doesn't like running with antlers?

Reindeer Run Photos

Sunday, December 4
Sixteen runners were out for this morning's run. We left the former Hope Township offices and headed into the hills of Northumberland. This is one of the prettiest winter routes we do, with plenty of great scenic views. The hard work to climb a couple of long, steep hills was rewarded with vistas stretching for miles. The other nice thing about this route is the almost complete absence of traffic on Sunday mornings.

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