A Runner's Guide to Training, Technique and More!A Runner's Guide to Training, Technique and More!


Alfie Shrubb
Have you ever heard of Alfie Shrubb? Possibly not. Look below at just a bit of who Alfie Shrubb was. Alfred Shrubb was a longtime resident of Bowmanville Ontario, over 40 years. This year will be the 4th Annual Alfie Shrubb 8k Classic. This event is for runners and walkers. Alfie Shrubb was one of the first pioneers of running. The event is to revive history.

From Carla's Kitchen
I spoke with a few people last week, and thought that people might be interested in trying to make some homemade energy bars – less expensive, yummy and no preservatives! I've only tried 3 of these, but they were great, and could easily be carried on a run or bike for fuel. RECIPES

A good article recommended by Dave on Ironman History (

Hal Higdon
A great site for trainig information for all running distances.

Mileage/Elevation Tool
Thanks Lee for hooking us up to this amazing site. It is easy to use ... great for mileage (very accurate) and elevation (sometimes in Canada)


Cover Our Butts Statement:
As with any exercise program, you should consult your doctor before starting. The Lakeshore Runners group or individuals within the group do not take responsibility for an individual's actions should they choose to run. Use your head, it's not just for keeping a hat on!