2012 Fatass Trail Race Crew


The 2009 Mississauga crew.

Dave hard at work.

Lee looking at his Boston ticket!

Dr. Mark set on cruise.

Boston 2009

Rod in the home stretch.

Ottawa 2008

John and Ken in a photo finish.

John, Rod, and Ken.


Duoro Doings 2006
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Cabot Trail Photos

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Our Proud Boston Runners
(photo coutesy of Andrew)

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Northumberland Runners' Fashion Statement

Billy is modeling the William Sherring commemorative T-shirt (a la Andrew and Photo Shop)

Reindeer Run Photos

Brett Anderson and Carla Herron were co-winners of the Athletic Achievement Award for their feats at the Penticton Ironman in August. Brett getting his trophy from Gord.

Big John getting the Comeback Award. Heart surgery wins out over knee pain. Sorry Gord.

Billy and Carla at the party.

Does this man ever stop?

The group enjoying the Orange Corners Trestle bridge up near Peterborough.
November 2005

Sunnybrook Masters Cross Country 2005
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Billy sent some photos to share.

1st annual Barathon

First Annual Warkworth 8K cross country
Note Billy has his arm around another woman.

A blast from the past - Mark finishing up the Mississauga marathon 2005

Rod near the end of Mississauga marathon 2005

Terry in Mississauga looking good after his brief rest at the aid station.

Enjoying Racetrack Road one fine October day.

New faces enjoying Racetrack Road.

2005 Zoo Run Photos

Grant and Mark being happy little bunnies at the PEC half marathon (2005).

Port Perry Half Marathon 2004

Mississauga Marathon 2005 Movie

Cover Our Butts Statement:
As with any exercise program, you should consult your doctor before starting. The Lakeshore Runners group or individuals within the group do not take responsibility for an individual's actions should they choose to run. Use your head, it's not just for keeping a hat on!