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Thanks to the Northumberland Runners official photographers: Billy and Grant

The Crew at the 112th Around the Bay

Terry's post race blister.
Who wants to kiss it better?

The start. Is that our Terry in the lead?

See Brian in action! Double click the above image.

Brian looking good at 28k

Mark and Rod at the 28K mark.

Another Around the Bay movie. Double click to play.

Mr. Crain on the"HILL"

Race leaders on the dreaded hill. I think I was just behind them (by 15K).

3rd place runner on hill.

4th place runner on hill.

1st women runner on hill.

2nd women runner on hill.

3rd women runner on hill.

Derryl Sutherland on the hill.

Cover Our Butts Statement:
As with any exercise program, you should consult your doctor before starting. The Lakeshore Runners group or individuals within the group do not take responsibility for an individual's actions should they choose to run. Use your head, it's not just for keeping a hat on!