A Runner's Guide to Training, Technique and More!


Not only does running provide many health benefits, it’s fun and a very competitive sport. Running is an activity that anyone can do. For those who are just beginning, wanting to try out for the track team, or ready to run your first marathon, there are a few things to keep in mind prior to getting started. Things such as exercises for warming up and cooling down, proper form, the best shoes and clothing to wear, how to fuel your body and stay hydrated are all things that will help you in your journey to becoming the best runner you can be.

Beginner’s Resources to Running

A beginning runner may feel a little overwhelmed when they are starting out. It’s normal to feel nervous or intimidated so it’s nothing to worry about. You should never start running without learning basic information. The basics will help you learn about what to expect and walk you through the steps to help you get started. The following links are to runner’s associations and clubs that provide a vast amount of information for running enthusiasts.

Runner’s Exercises

It is important to perform running exercises as they can provide benefits both mentally and physically. Runner’s exercises will help you run at your full potential which is essential for injury prevention and running efficiency. You should exercise muscles used when you run to help you develop strength but not too much bulk which can slow a runner down. Exercises specific to running will work muscles needed to keep you stabilized and enhance motor skills. Use exercises that focus on the production of controlled power and do not forget to warm-up and cool down. To learn more about the proper exercises and stretching for runners, visit the following links.

Proper Form

Another key component to preventing injuries and running efficiently is using proper form. Most people do not think twice about how to do this and just lace up their shoes and go. Running is a simple activity and that is why it attracts so many people, but without proper form, you will be setting yourself up for various debilitating injuries. To run at your best, it is important to understand how your body naturally moves with little muscular force. The key components of proper form are short strides, lightly landing mid-foot and lifting the foot quickly without pushing. Arm swing and a forward lean are also component of proper form. To learn more about proper form from head to toe, visit the resources below.

Runner’s Gear

Many beginners question what they should wear. Expensive or fancy gear is not needed. The main thing to worry about is having a great pair of shoes. You need running shoes that fit your individual running style and foot type and not having the right shoes can cause injuries. It may be best to visit a speciality store so your running style and foot can be evaluated and recommendations can be made by experts. Not only will investing in good running shoes prevent injuries, it will also provide more comfort as you run. Below are resources to help you in choosing the best shoes and clothing for various weather conditions.

Proper Nutrition

Diet is important for good health as well as promoting peak performances for runners. Proper hydration and nutrition can be the determining factor as to how your race ends. It affects how a runner thinks, works, and feels. Proper nutrition for runners is balanced and includes fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Each of this will provide different benefits but together they will help you perform your best. The following links will provide more in-depth information about how to eat right and the importance of staying hydrated.

Other Running Resources


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